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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Butterick 4685 (top) and McCalls 6567 (skirt)

The top, B4685, is  a very simple pattern and I think next time, I will put a hole in the front where the false tie is and attach it to the elastic for a proper fit.  I have some more fabric and will try a lilac calico top with my next attempt.

The tulip high/low skirt is VERY fashionable, but be wary of high winds or awkward seating positions.  Wardrobe failure happens frequently, which is okay if the right person is taking a peek, but not so great in a professional or public situation.  The skirt is super easy to sew.  Once you have made one of these skirts, you will laugh at the price of these skirts in dress shops.  Simple, easy, fashionable, and economic!

Well, today I wanted to look especially beautiful for my boyfriend so I tried on this top and blouse.  The blouse I made about 2 years ago and was WAY too small, so happily it fits,so that must mean I'm getting in shape.  I sewed the skirt last year and it was a bit unflattering.  I still think I need to get in a bit better shape for it to look absolutely stunning on me, but it looks alright and the top and skirt make a nice combo.

Anyways, this is what I wore to see him today. He looked really happy to see me.

Here is a blouse detail.

Vogue 1387 Pattern Review: Nice cool top for summer and can also be worn to work!

I need some versatile tops for work and play.  I like this pattern because both views are really nice.

I began with the short sleeved version and it turned out really nice!

I also have made the long sleeved version and it was much more finicky to construct.  I am now doddling on the snap buttons.  I have never done snap buttons before and I'm afraid I'll wreck the blouse.  I'll get to it soon though.  Both tops are wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

Butterick 4132 and Retro Pattern Simplicity 9084: Pattern Review

Butterick 4132 is an awesome pattern for basic tops and a great and quick way to build up the wardrobe!

I chose the longer version since I have a bit of a big butt and I like it longer to hide all of that.

The skirt is just the basic pencil skirt.  For some reason it fits better on me than the McCalls pencil skirt that is available

This is the retro simplicity 9084:

The top was made from a light polyester (feels like silk), and the skirt fabric was a very fine/light rust coloured corduroy with black alligator skin print on it.  I have had many compliments wearing this and really have to make a few more pencil skirts!

Both patterns are quick and easy to make with very few pieces.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Butterick 5885 Pattern Review: A Nice Dress for Work and Play!

I love this pattern and I am so glad that is looks nice on me.  I picked up this pattern dreaming of making it about a year or so ago:

This was a very easy dress to make and I had it done in a couple of evenings.  The only finicky part was the fabric that criss-crosses across the front of the dress.  Once I figured that out, it was very simple.  I will definitely make this dress again!

Vogue 8825 Pattern Review: Wardrobe Building for Work

My main goal is to make some nice business casual clothes for work, but I seem to always get sidetracked with fun clothes to go out on dates with my boyfriend.  This is a dress I specifically made for work.  I think it is versatile and may be something to wear on other occasions as well.

This is the pattern:

It is a very elegant dress and it washes easy and is extremely comfortable.  I'll definitely make this dress again since it was very easy to make.  It was a bit fiddley around the collar, but like the other Vogue patterns I have sewn, really the little finishing touches make a world of difference in creating a garment that has so much quality!

This is my dress:

Vogue 1183 Pattern Review: Christmas Dinner with my Boyfriend at his parents' house

Well, at Christmas, I went for dinner with my boyfriend and he brought me to his parents' house.  It was a very nice time with his family.  I wanted to make sure I looked nice and festive for the occasion.  I also wanted to look attractive for my boyfriend but proper for his parents.  So, this is what I had envisioned as a Christmas dress.

Of course I would have to tone it down a bit since that is a bit to sultry for Christmas dinner with my potentially future in-laws.  So, I chose Vogue 1183:

Anyways, this was a very easy pattern.  There was a lot of top stitching and it really made the dress look exquisite and very expensive, although the dress probably cost about $12.00 in total to make.  It was also very quick to make.  From cutting it out to completion it was about a day and a half of leisurely sewing. I had decided to make it 2 days before the dinner party.  So, luckily, it was done on time.

This is how I looked just before my boyfriend picked me up.

I wore a shrug with this dress and also a black belt that I sewed. I think they complimented the dress nicely and made me look appropriate for the occasion.  It was a very nice time with my boyfriend and his family on Christmas day.

Butterick 5836 Pattern Review: Valentine's Day Date Dress!

My boyfriend wanted to take me out for dinner on Valentine's Day.  So, I decided I would be the Belle of the Ball!  Thai food and Love <3  I decided to make Butterick 5836.

I made view A  the short skirt.  It was really nice.  I think my boyfriend was very surprised when he came to pick me up.  I definitely will make this pattern again.  This is a picture of me wearing it moments after finishing it.  I actually did up my hair and put on some make-up for the date.  

It was really easy to make and I think I might try to make it also as a top.  I love the 50's styles of retro rockabilly outfits.  This is how I envision I will look in the near future in a top that I have made from this pattern:  

I think I need to train a bit more to get that figure!  hehe...